Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Introduction to the Ultimate Actor's Blog: The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Reading

This morning felt like any other morning.
8:45am- I wake up, check twitter and try to think of anything witty or cute or mildly entertaining to tweet. I come up with “What are you having for breakfast?”... Which, I guess, falls into the “cute” category.
9:15am- Still in my cartoon owl jammies, I decide to get creative and make French toast with Strawberries for breakfast. While I devour the delicious eggy bread and real Canadian maple syrup, I try to think of anything else I could tweet that’s witty or cute or mildly entertaining.
9:30am- I have my multi-vitamin and extra Calcium and Vitamins C, D and B. (Vitamin B is my personal favourite because it is a rather large gummy that I very much enjoy chewing.)
9:45am- I check my e-mail. 5 Facebook notifications, a note from my agent, a handful of new Twitter followers (I’m at 1, 592!) and Mama D.  She has an idea. You see, I’ve been making my way through the best movies of all time, so my mama-who-bore-me suggested in her e-mail that I start a blog like Julie from Julie and Julia, who goes through all of Julia Child’s recipes and blogs about it. Thanks for the idea Mama-who-bore-me. In this case, you have not made me so bad or sad and I’m relieved to say that there will be sleep in Heaven and Bethlehem.
10am- Nothing is the same ever again. A new moment in the short history of my life so far: I start a blog.
And so, dear reader, I am making my way through all the “movies you must see before you die” and would love to share my thoughts and hear yours! I’m going to attempt to rate and review these movies, as well as plays I’ve been seeing and reading, and, of course, I’ll keep you posted on what I’ve been up to in the big T Dot. Because sometimes, 140 characters is not enough.
Love and Blue Wind Forever.
Let the party begin.
Steffi D  


  1. Hi Steffi! It's your SA Poster artist, Randy. I'm looking forward to following your adventures here! And, hey, Friend me sometime on FB. It's been like 7 months and I'm starting to get a complex!

  2. I love your (and your Mama's) idea for a blog. There're too many movies out there and not enough time to watch them all. A little guidance from Steffi D is quite welcome :)

  3. You were amazing in spring awakening, and im so excited/thankful that your keeping us updated, especially since im totally out of the loop, being british and all.

    Cant wait to hear (......read......) more!

    -Yasmin xx