Sunday, November 28, 2010


That quote is from the Woody Allen movie, Annie Hall and it describes perfectly how I feel about it. I lurve it, loave it, luff it.
If my personality was a movie, it would be a Woody Allen movie. If I were older, Woody Allen would probably be my husband. If a biopic of my life was made, it would have to be written, produced and directed by Woody Allen. Hell, I would even cast him to play me. (In a bob, a discobra and a tutu, of course).
From start to finish, this movie made me hoot and holler and really ask myself “How did he come up with this?”. The script is so hilarious, witty, zany and delicious. The simple life story of a couple is told absolutely extraordinarily, with humour so sincere that anyone who has ever been in a mildly dysfunctional relationship can understand. Having been in a few mildly dysfunctional relationships myself, I definitely understood the movie's humour. Amen.
The strongest forces of storytelling are at work in this movie!
Woody Allen is the Gaga of film making. Let’s look at the evidence. Mr. Allen uses so many different storytelling devices: asides (talking directly into the camera or breaking the fourth wall in theatre drives me kind of insane. But with Mr. Allen, there is love in heaven, all will be forgiven), animation, subtitles and just plain genius that’s brilliantly executed. Not to mention, every aspect that contributes to the plot is hysterical. Alvie (Woody Allen) grows up in a house situated under a rollercoaster... Who would think of that?! His character also sneezes into cocaine in the movie, which I read was actually accidental but was kept in the film. What makes this movie so magical is that it’s so SIMPLE. Annie Hall basically consists of long shots of people talking. That’s it. And it’s brilliant.
And don’t even get me started on Diane Keaton’s outfits in the film! Her iconic, distinctive look in the movie consists of layering over sized, mannish blazers or vests with huge trousers or long skirts, boots and ties. Diane came up with it first, Avril. You’re not fooling anyone. After some research on Google (an invaluable tool my mother swears by to find anything from cooking recipes to the meaning of Life itself), I found out that the outfits that Ms. Keaton wore in the film were actually her own clothes!  
One of my favourite quotes from the movie definitely brought me back to my days touring with Spring Awakening: (The next sentence is rated R. Stop reading right now if you are underage and do not have a legal guardian present. I’m serious. I warned you. If you keep reading, I’m going to assume you are of age. Alright. Carry on.) “Hey! Don’t knock masturbation! It’s sex with someone I love!” We got a Hanschen in da house.
In other news, I wanted to share with all my fellow Canadians, that during the holidays, on English and French networks in Canada, I will be seen in a McDonald’s commercial! I was on set two weeks ago and boy, what a thrill it was! Special shout-out to McDonald’s fries. So salty, so perfect. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know if I come up on your TV screen! I’m extremely glad that my magical haircut will finally be making national television.  
As I type this, my not-anymore-neighbours are on the plane to sunny Los Angeles, California. They are both brilliant Comedians! (Watch their YouTube famous comedy sketch here! Over 6 million views!)
As I was watching Annie Hall and daydreaming, I thought about what my new neighbour was going to look like: tall, handsome, badass, well-spoken and preferably blond and muscular like Sam from Glee... At our first meeting, he will knock at my door and introduce himself. But soon enough, our relationship will take a dangerously passionate turn. Can you imagine? Neighbours by day, lovers by night?... Then, as I said goodbye to my two lovely neighbours last night, I asked who was moving in and they said: “A single older lady”. I heard “single” and got really excited but the rest definitely shattered my dreams.
There are many places to find love, dear reader, but it seems at this point in time, it will not be my new neighbour.  Unless she convinces me that she’s not too old for me and seduces me with the idea of making me baked goods all day, every day, seven days a week... But who knows? She might be tall, handsome, badass, well-spoken, blond and muscular like Sam from Glee...
BOTTOM LINE: I’m going to be in a McDonald’s commercial and my new neighbour is most likely not going to be the love of my life. Also, Annie Hall instantly finds a spot on my “favourite movies” list. Three words: simple, quirky, irresistible (the movie, not me). It’s comedy everyone will love! Watch it with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend’s best friend, or lover, or your hot neighbour, or whoever strikes your fancy.  
1. What gets trapped behind the refrigerator in the movie?                                                
2. Where do Alvie and Annie initially  meet?
3. What’s the first song Annie sings in the film?
(Answers at the bottom of this blog! No cheaters allowed. But if you haven’t seen the movie, be my guest.)
FUN FACT: Did you know, although Woody Allen has denied this, that the movie contains many biographical similarities to his life? Woody Allen and Diane Keaton (whose real name is Diane Hall) had dated before the movie was made...
RATING:  5 Annies out of 5!

Well, “I’m due back on planet earth”, where are you headed?
Party Time.

Movie Trivia Answers:
1. A Lobster  2. Playing Tennis  3. “It Had to Be You”


  1. I've been wanting to watch this for a while, and you've definitely got me convinced! I will watch it straightaway! Or soonish! In any case, great review. It's nice to hear from you in blog form, because I've always loved the TotallyTrucked videos and of course I've been missing them a lot (I'm so glad you've got your own YouTube channel!). Anyway, I hope you keep it up!


  2. I've never seen Annie Hall but it's in our dvd cupboard so i'll have to get it out and watch it one of these days!

  3. Haha cute! I will have to see it!!!

    Oh, and your friends with Blake,hes friends with Jenna, Jenna knows sam from Glee and your sayin....